Medela Neonatal Perspectives

How to Select the Appropriate Breast Pump for Your Patient’s Needs

Irene Murphy Zoppi, RN, MSN, IBCLC / December 2017

Breastfeeding initiation rates are at an all-time high in the United States. Due to the diligent messaging from national professional and governmental campaigns, families have heard the message that human milk is the best nutrition for babies. Mothers want to breastfeed their infants: over 81% of mothers begin the process of breastfeeding.¹ Yet more than… Read More about “How to Select the Appropriate Breast Pump for Your Patient’s Needs”

Patient Satisfaction: Why it Matters to Your Patients

Patrice Hatcher, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC / December 2017

I wrote recently on the impact of patient satisfaction on hospitals. But there is another consideration: why patient satisfaction matters to the very people you care for. Patients arrive at your healthcare facility doors with expectations for their care, and expectations of the healthcare providers within. They are well-researched and have goals in mind. They… Read More about “Patient Satisfaction: Why it Matters to Your Patients”

How Human Milk Can Reduce the Devastating Impact of NEC

Jenny Murray, BSN, RN / November 2017

Premature babies and compromised neonates are at risk for many issues, including a devastating disease known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Over the years there have been vast improvements in care provided to the smallest patients. And yet we continue to ask: What more can be done to reduce the increasing morbidities associated with babies born… Read More about “How Human Milk Can Reduce the Devastating Impact of NEC”

Are Patient Expectations Lowering Satisfaction Scores?

Evi Dewhurst / November 2017

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” – Roy H. Williams Healthcare facilities are prioritizing patient satisfaction more than ever before. Your own hospital has probably been examining satisfaction surveys for ways to improve. But there is one critical element closely linked to patient satisfaction that’s easy to miss.… Read More about “Are Patient Expectations Lowering Satisfaction Scores?”

Patient Satisfaction: Why it Matters to Hospitals

Patrice Hatcher, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC / November 2017

Why does it matter to hospitals if patients are satisfied with their care? How does the patient’s experience impact healthcare organizations and their overall business? These are just a few of the questions that have been asked by members in healthcare. If you have worked in the healthcare industry for more than ten years, you’ve… Read More about “Patient Satisfaction: Why it Matters to Hospitals”

Is Your Hospital Prepared for Natural Disasters?

Sandra Sundquist Beauman, MSN, RNC-NIC / November 2017

Natural disasters seem to be more and more common these days. When I lived in California, we were often reminded to be prepared for an earthquake-related disaster. Sure enough, it happened while I was at the hospital. I was working the night shift when one of the stronger earthquakes hit. We had practiced and reviewed… Read More about “Is Your Hospital Prepared for Natural Disasters?”

Breastfeeding Barriers: 4 Infant At-Risk Conditions

Evi Dewhurst / October 2017

Are you an L&D nurse, a maternity nurse, or neonatal nurse? I’ve got something for you. It’s something that will help you deliver more human milk nutrition to infants in your care. I recently wrote about 10 at-risk conditions for mothers which negatively impact breastfeeding success and duration. Interest in such information is high, because… Read More about “Breastfeeding Barriers: 4 Infant At-Risk Conditions”