Backorders and How to Avoid Them

Kathleen Quellen, RN, BSN / April 2017

Most hospitals have had to wrestle with the issue of backorders at some point. The end users (usually nurses) have to deal with the consequences. But I’ll ask you a question: What if you could do something today, right now, to help prevent such things from happening in your unit? There are things you can… Read More

ASPEN Safe Practice for Enteral Nutrition Therapy, 201: An Update

Patrice Hatcher, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC / March 2017

From early on in my career as a NICU nurse and later as a clinical nurse leader, I have always found great value in learning as much as possible from others with the goal of continuously improving my clinical knowledge. I always find it so interesting to review evidence-based research, best practices, and learn from… Read More

Why Do We Keep Getting It Wrong In Neonatology?

Jae Kim, MD, PhD / March 2017

I started in pediatrics a few decades ago. Back then, it was commonplace to provide postnatal corticosteroids in very high doses from the first few weeks of life to dampen the massive inflammation that occurs in chronic lung disease of prematurity. The result was often visible improvement and the ability to get an infant off… Read More

Breastfeeding Support in the NICU

Kim Flanagan, MSN, CRNP / March 2017

It can be a time of unbearable stress to learn that your child is critically ill. The visions of holding a healthy, pink, vigorous newborn baby disappear all too quickly when an infant is born prematurely or with critical health issues. NICU nurses are extraordinary at helping families deal with this crisis while balancing the… Read More

Minding Your Milk: Helping Mothers in the NICU

Kim Flanagan, MSN, CRNP / February 2017

It is well documented in research that mothers own milk remains the gold standard for nutrition to critically ill infants in the Neonatal ICU. But despite the fact that the mother may be willing to provide milk for her infant, there can still be potential challenges to achieving that goal, particularly if that infant is… Read More

Purging the Line: Reducing Fat and Nutrition Loss

Patrice Hatcher, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC / February 2017

Delivering Full Human Milk Nutrition in the NICU: Part 2 of 2 (Read part 1) Human milk is the very best nutrition for all newborn infants, and even more so for very premature and critically ill infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Oftentimes these infants are receiving early nutrition of mother’s own milk… Read More

Avoiding Oral Aversion in the NICU

Sandy Sundquist Beauman, MSN, RNC-NIC / February 2017

Eating is a pleasurable experience for most of us. Many of our favorite social events, holidays, activities, and even TV shows center around it (Chopped and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives are some of my favorites!). Think of your most treasured childhood memories – many involve food, I’m sure. Things like a tasty cookout at the… Read More

Starting with ENFit: What to Consider

Kathy Quellen, RN, BSN / February 2017

If 2016 was not a year for your facility to look at new safety changes surrounding enteral products, such as ENFit connectors, this would be a great time to start. If you have been looking at these changes, this is the year you can really move forward. Many kinks have been worked out from a… Read More

Is Milk Warming a Waste of Time?

Evi Dewhurst / January 2017

Most NICUs warm human milk for enteral delivery. Considering that your unit very likely does the same, I ask you: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about warming patient feeds? Many NICU professionals we’ve spoken to have similar responses to that question: Those long lines at the warming stations! Sigh…. Read More