Neonatal Enteral Feeding Pumps: Delivering Full Human Milk Nutrition

Patrice Hatcher, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC / April 2017

Delivering Full Human Milk Nutrition in the NICU: Part 3 Are you focused on improving nutrition in your NICU?  Does your unit have a feeding committee that is focused on optimizing human milk delivery?  If there was one change you could make in your current practice to improve fat delivery by 40%, would you be… Read More

Human Milk Microbiome: A Paradigm Shift

Shelley McGuire, PhD / April 2017

Until very recently, researchers and clinicians assumed that all healthy bodily fluids like blood, lymph, urine, amniotic fluid, and milk were sterile unless they were produced by an infected or ill person. This belief was reasonable at the time, because the only ways that researchers had to really “see” and study bacteria were to look… Read More

Breastfeeding Promotion in Infants of Substance Abusing Mothers

Sandra Sundquist Beauman, MSN, RNC-NIC / April 2017

This article is intended to address the topic of infants born to mothers with a substance abuse condition, not a mother who was monitored as a patient on other medically necessary prescription medication throughout pregnancy. While the occurrence of substance abuse in pregnant women has increased dramatically over the last several years, it is not… Read More

Cue-Based Feeding: Who is Driving the Feed?

Kim Flanagan, MSN, CRNP / April 2017

Let’s face it: Back in the day, a NICU nurse who could encourage an infant to take the entire feed (every time) was considered a rock star. And, although I am ashamed to say it, I was a rock star. I considered my ability to get the last 5 or 7 mL into my patient… Read More

Backorders and How to Avoid Them

Kathleen Quellen, RN, BSN / April 2017

Most hospitals have had to wrestle with the issue of backorders at some point. The end users (usually nurses) have to deal with the consequences. But I’ll ask you a question: What if you could do something today, right now, to help prevent such things from happening in your unit? There are things you can… Read More

ASPEN Safe Practice for Enteral Nutrition Therapy, 201: An Update

Patrice Hatcher, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC / March 2017

From early on in my career as a NICU nurse and later as a clinical nurse leader, I have always found great value in learning as much as possible from others with the goal of continuously improving my clinical knowledge. I always find it so interesting to review evidence-based research, best practices, and learn from… Read More

Why Do We Keep Getting It Wrong In Neonatology?

Jae Kim, MD, PhD / March 2017

I started in pediatrics a few decades ago. Back then, it was commonplace to provide postnatal corticosteroids in very high doses from the first few weeks of life to dampen the massive inflammation that occurs in chronic lung disease of prematurity. The result was often visible improvement and the ability to get an infant off… Read More

Breastfeeding Support in the NICU

Kim Flanagan, MSN, CRNP / March 2017

It can be a time of unbearable stress to learn that your child is critically ill. The visions of holding a healthy, pink, vigorous newborn baby disappear all too quickly when an infant is born prematurely or with critical health issues. NICU nurses are extraordinary at helping families deal with this crisis while balancing the… Read More