Medela Neonatal Perspectives

Cleaning ENFit in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Kathy Quellen, RN, BSN / May 2018

An ENFit implementation makes clinicians suddenly aware of the importance of cleaning enteral products. The ENFit design change – male/female reversal and a locking system – makes the hub on the syringe larger, and the “moat” area around the tubing larger also. Although education takes place in the beginning of an ENFit transition, a buildup… Read More about “Cleaning ENFit in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”

A NICU Nurse’s Role Helping Moms to Breastfeed or Pump

Jenny Murray, BSN, RN / May 2018

We are NICU nurses. What an incredible job with a plethora of mixed emotions depending on the situation. We think ABC’s first, and rightly so … Airway, Breathing, Circulation. As important as the ABC’s sound and most definitely are, I’d like to talk about how important it is for us, as nurses, to advocate for… Read More about “A NICU Nurse’s Role Helping Moms to Breastfeed or Pump”

ENFit Low Dose and Medication Administration

Kathy Quellen, RN, BSN / April 2018

Enteral feeding is changing. Make sure you’re ready with the right solutions. ENFit is the new enteral feeding design created with the goal of avoiding misconnections. To prevent enteral feeding misconnections with IV connectors, the male/female hubs were switched. The syringes are now female (with larger tips) and the tubing (extension sets, feeding tubes) have… Read More about “ENFit Low Dose and Medication Administration”

Finding Flow in Southeast Asia: Lessons for Clinical Change

Jae Kim, MD, PhD / April 2018

My recent travels to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam) have given me pause to ponder on the way we react to change in our clinical environment. I was particularly enamored by the Khmer people, and the 500-year rule over the region that, in part, was based on the geographic position of advantage around the… Read More about “Finding Flow in Southeast Asia: Lessons for Clinical Change”

What’s in a Name? Breast Milk Versus Human Milk

Sandy Sundquist Beauman, MSN, RNC-NIC / April 2018

There was an editorial in a recent Advances in Neonatal Care journal regarding breast milk versus human milk.1 The editorial was to inform future authors and submitters of manuscripts that papers with the term “breast milk” as referring to the milk itself would not be accepted. Human milk is more descriptive and asexual, if you… Read More about “What’s in a Name? Breast Milk Versus Human Milk”

Lanolin: Your Secret Weapon for Breastfeeding Mothers

Evi Dewhurst / March 2018

Breastfeeding mothers in your care all desire one outcome: Successful breastfeeding for their infant. Yet a myriad of difficulties stand in their way, such as health conditions for mother and/or infant, latching issues, and more. A large part of breastfeeding difficulties stem from a not-so-surprising source: Pain. Nipple pain has been documented as one of… Read More about “Lanolin: Your Secret Weapon for Breastfeeding Mothers”