Medela Neonatal Perspectives

Confirming Gastric Tube Placement: What’s New?

Sandra Sundquist Beauman, MSN, RNC-NIC / June 2018

There has been, and remains to be, much discussion (and a little practice change) about confirmation of gastric tube placement. While this doesn’t seem like such an “intensive care” activity, it is certainly high risk. Current gastric tube placement methods Babies who are doing well growing and getting feedings via a gastric tube can quickly… Read More about “Confirming Gastric Tube Placement: What’s New?”

The Rule Of Law: The Secret To Change In The NICU

Jae Kim, MD, PhD / June 2018

It has been absolutely fascinating over the past year to see our country undergo a true Rule of Law test as political turmoil from all sides challenged pillars of the three independent arms of government. Our country has weathered these hurricane forces quite well so far, and I marvel at the brilliance of the original founders of our country to… Read More about “The Rule Of Law: The Secret To Change In The NICU”

Best Practice for Order of Use of Human Milk in NICU/Hospitals

Patrice Hatcher, MBA, BSN, RNC-NIC / May 2018

Efficient use and storage of human milk is a priority in the NICU. Newborn infants separated from their mothers and requiring special care related to illness or prematurity are often too fragile to breastfeed. The benefits of an exclusive human milk diet are well documented. When mothers are not available to breastfeed, it becomes imperative… Read More about “Best Practice for Order of Use of Human Milk in NICU/Hospitals”

Managing Hypoglycemia and Protecting Breastfeeding

Sandy Sundquist Beauman, MSN, RNC-NIC / May 2018

Glucose derangement, particularly hypoglycemia, is very common in the newborn. The definition of hypoglycemia is nebulous even after much discussion and some research over the last 15 to 20 years. Cornblath and colleagues1 discuss this, and it is also acknowledged by the statement on Postnatal Glucose Homeostasis by the American Academy of Pediatrics.2 This statement… Read More about “Managing Hypoglycemia and Protecting Breastfeeding”

Cleaning ENFit in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Kathy Quellen, RN, BSN / May 2018

An ENFit implementation makes clinicians suddenly aware of the importance of cleaning enteral products. The ENFit design change – male/female reversal and a locking system – makes the hub on the syringe larger, and the “moat” area around the tubing larger also. Although education takes place in the beginning of an ENFit transition, a buildup… Read More about “Cleaning ENFit in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”

A NICU Nurse’s Role Helping Moms to Breastfeed or Pump

Jenny Murray, BSN, RN / May 2018

We are NICU nurses. What an incredible job with a plethora of mixed emotions depending on the situation. We think ABC’s first, and rightly so … Airway, Breathing, Circulation. As important as the ABC’s sound and most definitely are, I’d like to talk about how important it is for us, as nurses, to advocate for… Read More about “A NICU Nurse’s Role Helping Moms to Breastfeed or Pump”